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Nothing is more relaxing than looking outside and seeing vibrant greenery. Are you tired of seeing poorly maintained lawns because of high upkeep? Do you want your lawn to be beautiful but you only want minimal maintenance?

Turf provides every household and business establishment with the solution for grass needs. Anywhere you want grass, turf can give it to you. Turf is also used for sports fields, industrial estates, and events for beautiful green scenery.

No. 1 Lawn Expert in Newcastle

Affordable and Professional Instant Lawn Solutions

Are you a landscape designer looking for turf supplies? Are you tired of seeing uneven patches so you want to renovate your house lawn? Does your school field need a quick makeover for an event? You do not need to worry about last minute fixes or endless searches for the right supplier. We at Aussie Turf Supplies got you covered.

Why Choose Aussie Turf Supplies?

These days, most households and businesses prefer the use of turfs because of its many advantages. Whether you want turf to withstand all conditions, or you want a lawn that doesn’t require too much maintenance, we are more than happy to provide you with options.

We have Palmetto, Kikuyu, and Sapphire turfs. May they be small installations or big commercial projects, we are here to help you. We are committed to providing solutions to your turf installation, care, and maintenance problems.

Contact Aussie Turf Supplies for Quality Turfs in NSW

If you are looking for turf supplies, you are at the right place. Aussie Turf Supplies provides a wide range of turf options to suit your commercial or residential requirements. We recognise that different clients have different requirements, and we cater to each of these requirements.

Our team will offer suggestions to help you make better choices. When it comes to turf needs, Aussie Turf Supplies will provide valuable information and recommendations.  We are here to help you search and choose the best turf supplies to fit your style and budget. Get in touch with our team for more enquiries.

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