Turf Disposal

Turf does not last a lifetime; that’s a reality we need to accept. Even well-maintained turfs get worn out. If you see that your lawn isn’t as vibrant and has passed its prime, it’s time to lay a new one.

Fortunately, getting a new turf has become easier. Disposing them, however, is still not that easy. If you are renovating your whole lawn and you are getting rid of a lot of turf, you should need a plan before you stack those heavy sheets of grass on your lawn. Here are a few options on how you can dispose your turf.

1. Relocate

If your turfs are still serviceable or some of them are, you can always choose to relocate them to another area. If you are going to do this, make sure that you keep the turf moist and to relocate them within 36 hours of removal.

tuf on a pallet ready in newcastle2. Sell them

If you don’t want to relocate your turfs but you think that someone else might still need them, you can always sell used turf especially if they are still healthy. There might be people in your community who are looking for turfs for their yards. It’s always nice to get extra bucks from things that are intended for disposal.

3. Garden bed foundation

Another option is to turn your turf upside down and use them as garden bed foundation. You can cover it with soil and plant your vegetables or flowers.

4. Compost

You can turn old turf into nutrient-rich compost. Put the turf on the ground with the roots facing upwards. Soak each one with water and pile them up. Once you built the piles to a height that’s manageable, cover them with black tarp. Within a few months, the turf will decompose and you have free, nutrient-rich compost.

Seek Professional Turf Disposal Services from Lawn Experts

If you are going to dispose turf, it is best to hire a waste removal company for their services. If massive amounts of turf need to get disposed, a skip bin is a great idea for turf disposal. Contact us for more details.

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