Shademaster Grass Turf

In the 1990s, Shademaster was among the first soft Buffalo grasses in the Australian market. First developed in a NSW turf farm, this type of Buffalo goes into the generic budget category. It quickly picked a clientele during the time when Buffalo was not that popular anymore as a home lawn option.

Why Choose Shademaster?

If you are growing your lawn but it is located in a shaded area, Shademaster is the type of grass you are looking for. One of the best traits of Shademaster is it is a slow-growing type of buffalo grass. As such, it doesn’t require frequent mowing. Its wide leaf and growth habit makes it thrive in difficult growing conditions. All of these reasons make Shademaster easier to maintain compared to other Buffalo varieties. Cold weather makes the Shademaster’s leaf tips purple which looks amazing if you ask us.

Shademaster Grass Turf

This type of Buffalo grass is ideal for high traffic areas and the answer for people trying to grow their lawn in shaded areas. Shademaster Buffalo Grass can withstand wear and tear. Even if it is popular for shaded lawns, it also performs well in areas with full sun exposure.

Shademaster has a soft broad leaf that is 85% shade tolerant but also thrives in full sun. Its colour is a nice bottle green shade. This type provides a thick green carpet cover that discourage the growth and invasion of weeds. Note, however, if you put Shademaster near gardens, it tends to compete with surrounding vegetation.

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If you want to use Shademaster as your turf of choice, here are a few to tips to maintain them.

  • First, do not mow too often and don’t cut hard – 40mm cutting height will do.
  • Second, Shademaster needs occasional deep soaking.
  • Third, use fertilisers in moderations and use fungicides when necessary.

When considering a Buffalo lawn and you have a strict budget in mind, Shademaster can be a good option especially if you have shaded lawns. Although most turf providers think that it is not a premium soft buffalo grass, it can still be a good turf option for your home lawn. Contact us for more enquiries.

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