Sapphire Grass Turf

Sapphire is a variety of Buffalo grass with fine texture. It is regarded as Buffalo grass lawn with genuine soft leaf. When fully grown, its leaves fold back, giving it a better look. Since it has a deep root system, Sapphire can look great even with less watering frequency.

Areas with normal soils and have Sapphire turfs need to only water them during warmer months and during extreme heat. Watering them once every few weeks is enough for Sapphire to survive.

Why Choose Sapphire?

Sapphire has a tight mat which leaves little room for growing weeds. This type of grass also grows fast across the ground and copes well in areas with high traffic. If you are going to use Sapphire in high-traffic areas, you should water and fertilise them more than the usual frequency.

Regular mowing is likewise recommended for this type of grass to about a height of 35-60mm for best results. Mowing regularly will limit thatch build up and will reduce runners. This will ensure that your Sapphire lawn will stay healthy and greener.

Sapphire Grass Turf

The deep root system this type of turf grass has works best in withstanding drought. Its low thatch levels can make it slower to recover from wear and tear during the first two years. After that, however, low thatch lawns will prove to have more long term advantages.

We have mentioned how great Sapphire looks in any lawn. This is due to its fine texture with a slight hue of blue colour to its leaf. Apart from that, Sapphire also has a fine leaf blade unlike any other variety of Buffalo. It also stands out from the rest thanks to its low thatch levels and excellent sun tolerance.

Have a Lawn Expert Do the Work for You!

There are a lot of homeowners in Australia that consider Sapphire as the lawn for great shade conditions. This is because it has the highest shade rating among all better varieties of Buffalo in the market.

Are you looking for a turf grass that’s at the top of the rankings for quality? Sapphire is a great choice for soft leaf buffalo lawns. Contact Aussie Turf Supplies to have this type of turf installed in your lawn.

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