Kikuyu Grass Turf

Kikuyu has been quite popular as a lawn grass in Australia since time immemorial. This native grass from Uganda was first introduced in NSW in 1919. Popular for being an erosion control grass, Kikuyu grows well in areas with full sun exposure, cool climate, and high rainfall regions.

Kikuyu needs a lot of water during summer so it will stay green. Regular fertilising is also required to maintain its colour and health. Mowing once a week is also needed if the grass is thriving.

Kikuyu Grass Turf

Why Choose Kikuyu Turf?

Kikuyu is most suitable for areas with high traffic and full sun exposure. This type of grass doesn’t need high upkeep but needs lots of water to stay vibrant. If not watered properly, Kikuyu will become brown. However, even if it lies dormant, a little rain is all it takes to revive Kikuyu. Its quick repair capabilities are the main standout feature of this grass.

Kikuyu is mostly used for school grounds, public parks, and camping areas. This is because it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Even if they get stomped on excessively, they will recover well if it is showered with water. Kikuyu is also great for animal farms as pasture grass. However, since it is an invasive grass, it shouldn’t be put in watercourses.

Other people also like using Kikuyu because of its soft leaf which can create a soft lawn for everyone to enjoy, especially when the weather is nice outdoors.

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This type of grass is your choice if you want minimal maintenance, easy to grow grass, and a turf that’s is not expensive. For those on a strict budget but wants a turf with minimal lawn care, this is the grass for you. It is important to note that Kikuyu requires constant vigilance for domestic lawns because it has runners that skip over rocks and bricks. It can easily invade your garden beds if you don’t cut off the runners.

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