Newcastle Turf Options

Finding the solution to your turf needs has never been easier. Households, businesses, industrial estates, and sports fields in Newcastle have turned to turf for grass needs. There are a lot of turf options in Newcastle and each has its own advantages. Turf options abound in Newcastle but the following are most recommended:

Newcastle Turf Options


A native grass from Uganda in Africa, this type of grass first came into the NSW turf industry in 1919. Kikuyu is excellent for erosion control but cannot be used around watercourses. This invasive weed grass doesn’t thrive in shaded areas but will take over in areas with a lot of sun exposure.


Sapphire is a type of grass with fine texture. When fully grown, its leaves fold back, giving it a better look. Since it has a deep root system, Sapphire can look great even with less watering frequency. Areas with normal soils and have Sapphire turfs need to only water them during warmer months and during extreme heat. Watering them once every few weeks is enough for Sapphire to survive.


Palmetto is a variety of Buffalo. This type of grass grows at a fast rate but its upward leaf growth is not like other varieties of Buffalo. This type is quite popular because it doesn’t require frequent mowing unlike other Buffalo varieties.


Shademaster is also a variety of Buffalo. This type of Buffalo is ideal for areas with high traffic because it will survive in difficult growing conditions.

Fencing Recreational Turfed Areas

Most people focus on the type of grass that will be used in recreational areas when looking at turf options. However, it is as important to look at fencing recreational turfed areas. There are also a wide variety of fencing options for your turfed areas. Choosing the right material, finish, colour, and design is also important to the overall look of your recreational turfed areas. After choosing the type of turf you want to use, you also need to look at fencing options so your turf investment is worth it.

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