Turf Laying Techniques

Making sure that your lawn investment pays off starts with properly laying your turf. Lawn experts follow these steps for efficient laying. In order to get the best results, following are steps for laying techniques.


Sketch the areas to be turfed and break these areas into squares, rectangles or circles, especially if you have a large area to work with. Measure each area and calculate how many square metres are in each one. Make sure that you order extra so you can compensate for miscalculations. If in doubt, leave the measuring to professionals.

Turf Laying TechniquesPreparation

Remove rubbles, rubbish, weeds, loose stones, or any other objects that will affect your installation. Check your soil type if it needs improving or if it is suitable to the turf you are installing. Aerate the ground to an approximate depth of 15cm. Make sure that you do not have drainage issues or if the area needs excavating or filling. Remember to rake the top soil, to level it, and to gently tread the soil down.


First of all, you should have your turf delivered on the day of installation. If it arrives a day before, you should still lay it somewhere and you need to water it to keep it moist.

Once you’re good to go and you got about 100mm of underlay levelled, apply a starter fertiliser. This will support the lawn during its establishment phase and boost deeper root growth. Lay the turf down with the longest straight edge first and lay the rolls closely together. Make sure to stagger the joints but not to stretch the turf. Your turf has high chance of survival if you keep the rolls intact. It is better to cut off than to add on so do not use bits and pieces at edges if you can help it. Make sure to tread the turf down with a roller or the back of a steel rake. After installation, water the turf until soak through. It is also important to avoid traffic or walking while installing the turf or immediately after installation.

To know more about laying techniques or to hire a lawn expert, contact our team at Aussie Turf Supplies.

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