Lawn Maintenance

Even if your turf doesn’t require high upkeep, there are things that you must remember to maintain the beauty of your lawn. Here at Aussie Turf Supplies, we recommend the following dos and don’ts when maintaining your lawn.


  1. Neatly roll out the turf over a levelled topsoil.

Before laying, fertilise the area with lawn food or starter fertiliser. Roll the laid turf with a roller or tap the edges using the base of a rake. This ensures that the turf is in good contact with the topsoil and also reduces stress during hot weather conditions.

  1. Water turf right after laying and rolling.

When laying turf on a large area, make sure that you water after laying and rolling each section. Give the turf a good soaking for the first week and wet through to the soil on alternate days during the second week. After 2 to 3 weeks, the turf should have taken roots already ad you can afford one good soaking once a week during dry season.

  1. Check if the roots are attached to the ground.

To know when it’s fine to mow your turf, see if the roots are firmly attached and can no longer be lifted from the ground. During your fist mow, take only one-third of the leaf. Lower the mower gradually during each cut until approximately 30 to 50mm.

  1. Make sure to replenish soil nutrients.

Nitrogen is needed for leaf growth; phosphorus is for root growth; and potassium strengthens leaves. These are needed so your lawn will not have signs of deficiency. Feed your lawn with complete fertilisers at least two times during its growing season.

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  1. When laying, do not leave gaps between rolls because it will make an uneven surface. It will also be difficult to mow uneven lawns and it also encourages the growth of weeds.
  2. Make sure that a new lawn doesn’t dry out. Do not water in the evenings because leaving them wet at night can start diseases.
  3. Do not mow your turf too early in its growing season or too late. Do not scalp your laws because it will give the turf a shallow root system making it prone to weed and stress during hot weather conditions.

Whether you are new to lawn maintenance or not, it pays to trust the experts. Contact our team at Aussie Turf Supplies for a free quote.

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