Lawn Care

To effectively care for your lawn, you must first determine the type of grass you have in your lawn. Different types of grass require different lawn care solutions. Best to talk to your lawn expert from Aussie Turf Supplies to make sure you know well the type of grass you are dealing with.

Lawn Care

What You Need to Know for an Effective Lawn Care

For quick and effective lawn care, here are some general information about lawn care.

  1. Watering your lawn and its frequency will depend on weather conditions, the type of grass, lawn colour and of course, water restrictions. The best way to water your turf is to have an automatic underground sprinkler system or with laid soaker hoses. It is preferred to water your lawn during the early morning rather than watering it at night.
  2. Over fertilising your lawn is definitely not a good idea. Four times a year with one application during early spring can do wonders for your lawn.
  3. Before mowing, make sure that you remove weeds. Removing weeds is important in maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn.
  4. Always remember to mow properly. Improper mowing can damage your turf. Mowing frequency will depend on the type of grass and the season. Do not attempt to mow your lawn if the soil is dry. Of course, mowing frequency will also depend on how fast the grass is growing. Make sure that your lawn mowers are maintained properly and the blades are kept sharp.
  5. Lawns with high foot traffic like footpaths and playing fields will benefit from aeration. This means removing small cores of soil and punching holes. This will relieve soil compaction and will help improve air and water movement. This will result to increased rooting and improved turf grass health.
  6. Lawn clippings should be used properly to ensure correct lawn care. Lawn clippings must be spread evenly and thinly so they don’t shade the grass. Lawn clippings are used for mulch, either spread onto garden beds or back into the lawn. It is important to note that you should avoid piling lawn clippings because they are hazardous and dumping law clippings is illegal.

These are just a few tips for lawn care. Remember that it is always best to speak with a lawn expert especially if you are new to the idea. A lawn expert can guide you and can even take care of it for you. For affordable and professional lawn care services, contact Aussie Turf Supplies today.

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